Born in Hyde Park, in Chicago IL. I studied painting & sculpture at Otis/Parsons in Los Angeles- Parsons School of Design in partnership with Otis Art Institute in the 1980's.  I also studied sculpture, painting & fiber arts at ASU- Arizona State University.

I launched an art career with an art-design company, now world-renowned, creating paintings for the Trade via NY Art Expo & other worldwide expos. Later down the road I started exhibiting my work with a few galleries and in designer showrooms. All the while, I traveled around the U.S. & Hawaii. I've settled, for a bit, back in the Southwest.

My paintings are mixed media on canvas, paper, wood, clay: collaged papers & fabrics, texture mediums, acrylic, ink, charcoal, wax pencils & crayons, sometimes oil, glitter and little things I find interesting are occasionally embedded in the goop.